Study visa is for students who want to do their degree in foreign universities.

Our consultancy will suggest you best universities where you can take admission and complete your degree. If you decided any-other university for study than you can do their we will help you in that university also.

We give you a check-list of documents which we required while applying your study visa which includes your previous education certificate.

After getting visa we also suggest you some companies nearby your university so that you can do work their in working hours and earn money so that you can freely enjoy your life.

After getting visa we help in ticket booking and transport facilities.

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Australia Study Visa

Australia, the world’s smallest continent and often referred to as the “lucky country” with political stability and a quality of life with pulsating economy. Australia attracts huge number of students from all parts of world….

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Canada Student Visa

The Canadian Federal and Provincial Government are constantly introducing new laws and programs because it is one of the most ideal countries for the immigrants and settlement. The most typical question for everyone:

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New Zealand Study Visa

New Zealand is remote and beautiful country where independence, resourcefulness and initiatives are highly regarded with a varied climate. Despite the natural beauty, it is such a unique place to have……

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Singapore Study Visa

Singapore is the “Lion City” because of its economy and financial success and now a vibrant nation with excellent practices for academics, by delivering numerous opportunities for students who want to immigrate for studies.

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Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country of diversity. The higher education system is governed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. Two types of institutions: colleges and universities. Whereas both institutions offer a wide variety of programmes….

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