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Malaysia Work Visa


Malaysia is growing steadily, and therefore a need of skilled and unskilled labourers is arising more frequently. Malaysia imposes stringent laws, so must require a work visa.

Moreover, population of Immigrants is growing in Malaysia, because of vibrant environment and opportunities to live and work. Employees and their families are entering in Malaysia on social passes and they acquire work visa afterwards. Apart from this, you can also enter by a valid tourist visa and can change your status after then which allows you to work. But you should complete your paperwork lined up before starting new job, because rules are strict.

Required Documents for Work visa:

  • Passport (Valid for at least 18 months) & Copy of passport
  • Completed application form, which must be attached to the original Employment Contract
  • Recent passport size photographs
  • Letter from the sponsoring company in Malaysia (including salaries and tax revenues)
  • Proof that the sponsoring company has valid commercial license
  • A Work visa Approval from the Immigration Department in Malaysia (in original).
  • Work passes are of three types employment pass, temporary pass and professional visit pass, depending on the type of job and skills of applicant.

NOTE:  Age must be 27 years and above (except IT sector)


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